Holiday Fund

The holidays can be a hard time for youth who experienced foster care. Our youth are bombarded by advertisements and commercials reminding them that it is a time of year to be spent with family and loved ones. Adding to that is the financial drain of gift giving with limited resources, especially for youth with children of their own. At City Living we do our best to help our youth navigate these difficult times. We ensure every young person we work with gets a holiday gift and a holiday meal. We help our parenting youth with extra income to purchase gifts – from them – for their children. We provide a gift card for every youth to purchase groceries or take-out food on Thanksgiving to enjoy a meal with their chosen family. And importantly, we celebrate every birthday with a gift card sent by the individual social worker as a way to remind them that we care about them and their special day. We greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided in the past that allows City Living to do the important work we do. We are reaching out in hopes that you will continue to support us by donating to our Holiday Gifts Fund. As we serve more youth, our needs have increased and we need your help to assure every youth receives help this holiday season! Making a difference is what we strive for and your generosity could make their wishes come true. Youth who have aged out of foster care need all the support they can get. Please consider helping them feel acknowledged and cared for this holiday season.