Melody Gradowski

July 13, 2022

Melody Gradowski, MSW, is a full-time social worker with CLNY. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Lehman College in May 2011 and her Master’s in Social Work from Lehman College in May 2022. While working for the Board of Education, she became interested in the lives of the families she served. Her burning desire to help others inspired her to seek her social work degree. While pursuing her social work degree Ms. Gradowski worked at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in the Bronx, where she supported homeless veterans with housing, employment stability, and emotional support. Her various positions, coupled with her lived experience of the foster care system, shaped her into the social worker she is today. Prior to her education and social work careers, Ms. Gradowski was also a U. S. Army Reservist from 1998-2006.